Classes & Fees

Class Benefits

Students receive “The Total Money Make Over Workbook”, handouts, instruction, and a certificate upon completion of the class.

Students have to attend classes on the part of a company, non-profit organization or school. The cost per student per class session is between $95 – $250. Depending on where the student is taking the class determines the length of the class and session.

Who can benefit from these classes?
Companies, Non-Profit Organizations & Schools

Groups can offer these classes to their employees, members, or students for $95-$250 per person. Non-profit organizations receive a 10% discount per person (subject to 501(c) 3 status verified).

Classes can be facilitated at your location or our office’s training room at no additional cost.

Class Sessions & Lengths
A session is the “type” of Fin Lit a company or participant is interested in such as basic fin lit, advanced fin lit or focused financial learning.

Basic Fin Lit: this is a session that covers the basic concepts of financial literacy and teaches budgets, needs versus wants, money attitudes, understanding credit and credit scores, and avoiding debt.

Advanced Fin Lit: this session covers what is in the Basic Fin Lit, but also includes savings and goals, retirement planning, understanding various insurance products, and being financially prepared to purchase a home.

Focused Financial Learning: these are topic specific and can focus only on one particular aspect of Financial Literacy First. Thus, the company or organization can have a teacher come and only focus on budgets or credit. These sessions can also be set up as a custom tailored learning session where more than one topic can be combined.

Class Length
Class length is based on hours. Classes are typically taught in 4 hour time periods, but this time can be adjusted to fit the needs of the organization or company.

Basic Pricing for Basic Fin Lit and Focused Financial Learning
$95 per person for 2 classes, 4 hours each
$125 per person for 3 classes, 4 hours each
$200 per person for 4 classes, 4 hours each

Advanced Fin Lit
$250 per person for 4 classes, 4 hours each

Custom Tailored Classes individually priced

Upcoming Classes:

Basics 101
$95 or $50 for Budget concepts only.
January 9, 2019 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Smoky Hill Library
5430 S Biscay Cir, Centennial, CO 80015
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